Monday, March 10, 2008

Taste of New York

So I went to this big singles thing this weekend, and it was okay. The first half was poorly planned but I still go to see some of New York that I haven't seen. And the last half was a dinner and a dance. The food made me sick but the company was great, and the dance was really good also. I met this really nice guy from Washington D.C. and he sat by me at dinner. We have plans to see New York together, one of these week days Maeve and I are going to meet him in the city. It is 4 hours to D.C. from the city so it will be a long day for him. Well I have some pictures, some are of the Hudson River, and others are of time square. I went to the Hershey's factory in time square and the M&M world there. It rained the whole day so everyone was soaked by the time dinner and the dance came around so none of us looked our best.
Oh so my sister Shandi heard that there are 9 rats for every person in New York. So she has had me on the look out for my nine rats, and guess what yesterday while I was waiting for the subway I found one of my nine rats. People say that if you look in the tracks of the subway you can see a ton of rats. Kind of creepy but oh well. Anyway I named him because she told me I had to so his name is Bob. All and all it was a lot of fun.

These two pictures are of the Hudson River, and the girl in the picture with me is another nanny here, and she is from Idaho too. She's from Preston, her name is Destiny, she lives in a town near me, and were friends. There were 7 of us girls that went to this thing together that are nannies. There are 3 from Utah, 2 from Idaho, and two sisters from Canada.

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