Thursday, March 6, 2008

New York, New York

So I have been promising pictures of New York for awhile now, and I haven't done it cause I didn't have the cord I needed for my camera. Well lo and behold, I didn't need a cord because my bosses have a thing where I just put my chip in and it downloads them all onto the computer for me. It's a really neat thing. Anyway here are some pictures, and I am going to be downloading them into Kodak to with some other pictures. These pictures are from when I went into NYC for the Wicked broadway show, so this is mostly Central Park and the streets around there. Oh and the last two are of my house here, and my back yard.

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Smith Family said...

I love the pictures of the scenery of New York. It makes me want to visit so bad. Some day I will have the money to take trips, Hopefully it is before I am too old to do it. You are so lucky to have this opportunity right now in your life and I am sure in many years to come you will look back at it with great appreciation.