Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patricks Day

So I went to the wax museum of Saturday which was really cool. Then we went to China town, I love china town it was so much fun. On Friday I went bowling with 4 other girls, for us all to bowl 2 games it was $95 dollars, isn't that ridiculous! It was almost 10 dollars a game I couldn't believe it. But we had a good time. I went to church on sunday and then we went to an opera because a guy in our ward was in it. We went to the Pirates of Pensance (sp?) I am not a huge opera fan but it was okay. Other than that there hasn't been a whole lot going on. Maeve is sick she has an ear infection, I took her to the doctor today, so she is not in the best mood but she's not bad. So here are some of the wax stars that we saw and a St. Patricks Day picture of Maeve.

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Smith Family said...

Welcome to the big city. It cost us $10 a game to bowl here but it is for three hours, however many games you can get in and that includes the shoes. Pretty ridiculus. I remember when bowling was the cheap family activity. Not anymore. I can't belive how happy Maeve is even with an ear infection. You are one lucky girl to have such a happy baby.