Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Senior Night

So I am sure that all of you know what senior night is, but if not it is where your school recognizes the seniors that play sports. Well my little sister Wendi is graduating this year and she was a cheerleader, so I thought I would put the picture of her senior night up. So this is my parents and my little sister Wendi, isn't she cute. Oh and by the way I would never get into a cheerleading uniform, I dont do short skirts. Its not pretty trust me.

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Smith Family said...

I can't believe that Wendi is a senior already. But then again Bo just turned 12 didn't he. Why must everyone grow up so fast? Great picture of our family. I would love to see one of Shandi and Bo. What are Wendi's plans for next year? What is Shandi up to now, other than being a mom? How about Bo? I really am enjoying finding out what everyone is doing by reading your blog.