Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Play Date!

So Maeve had her first play date today. When I went to that Tast of New York thing a couple weeks ago, I met this girl the lives in Chappaqua which is like 10 mins. away, and she is a nanny for a little boy who is 6 months old. My boss has been wanting me to find some kids Maeve's age but all the nannies have older kids. So I called Theresa and she brought he little boy over today and we had a play date. Her little boys name is Chase, and he is so cute. Maeve and him just layed on the floor and played with each other, it was so cute. Now we are going to have a play date every week, it will be good to have someone to do things with now.


Smith Family said...

I thought of you last night. I was watching Law and Order and a "mormon nanny" was murdered on the show. Not that I was worried it just made me think of you, then there was a twing of jealousy on all the cool stuff you are getting to experience. I am so glad that we are able to stay n touch this way. Still waiting on your phone number so we can talk.

Smith Family said...

Thanks for the number. I will call you later and we can chat. I didn't publish it on my blog because I don't want it out there for everyone.