Wednesday, July 2, 2008


As I have promised for like forever I have pictures of the trek. So there aren't many of me cause I sent my camera with one of the girls to take pictures of Bo, and no one on the trek took pictures of the cooks, I think that they were to hungry to remember to take pictures.
This picture is of Independence Rock, most of the kids climbed to the top, I was not one of them mind you. It was a pretty cool rock though there were names carved into it, some of them you couldn't read the names but the dates where still there.
This next picture is actually a picture of me cooking. (yes the sunglasses on my head were one of my most important pioneer accessories!) This was breakfast the first day we had to cook, we were camped in Rock Creek. I'm cooking bacon, that morning we had Bacon, sausage, eggs, pancakes, hot chocolate, and orange drink. I really really enjoyed cooking for everyone. The total count for everyone that went I think ended up to be around 351 people, including the adults.

This picture was taken at the second camp site, three of us cooks that were from the same home ward shared a tent, and we put it up (while the wind was blowing so bad it took forever to get it to stand up) but we did it and it stayed standing while half the other tents got blown over, broken, or one of our counselors in the stake presidency actually took flight and flew threw the air up and over a fence. But ours didn't move an inch, everyone kept asking who's tent it was.
This is a picture of Bo with his Trek family. Then treked 7 miles the first day and like 12 or 14 the second day.

This picture was on our last day of camping on our way to Salt Lake. This is the "This is the Place" trail. We walked down it and there was a man at the end pretending to be Brigham Young. It was a gorgeous trail with lots of flowers and everything.
This is also at "This is the Place" it is a picture of everyone from our ward that went. (Bo is underneath the "P" and I am the girl standing at the right in the navy blue shirt.)

While we were in Salt Lake we all split up and and did baptisms for the dead. We were assigned the Bountiful Temple so this is a picture of Bo in front of it.

This is a picture of Bo and I on the bus, we were traveling to Salt Lake. I just wanted one of him and I. I actually took this picutre and I don't think it turned out to bad.

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