Friday, February 29, 2008


So everything here in New York is great. My boss will be going back to work on Wednesday of next week, so that will be my first official day alone being a nanny. It will be nice, I have a few things planned. Every Wednesday we go to my boss's parents house (melissa my boss, her dad has cancer) so he likes to see her, so that will be a every week type of thing until they move in June or July I think.
I made some new friends, the lady from one of the agencies that I was working with to be a nanny called me the other day, and asked how I was doing and gave me some names and phone numbers of some girls that are nannies in my area. So I called a girl named Tiffany, she has been a nanny for 9 years, and has been with a family in Katonah were I live for the past 6. She came and picked me up for church on Sunday. So now I have friends...YEAH! I am going ice skating with them tonight because it is Tiffany's birthday.
Okay so I promised that I would send more recent pictures of Tage, so here they are.

This one is of Tage and Grandpa

Tage and Great Grandma

Tage talking on the phone to Auntie Nae in New York

This one grandma calls the "power to the people" picture

A bunch of other ones of him


Smith Family said...

The pictures are great. I really miss seeing you guys. Grandma looks really good. Tage is a cutie. Him and Grandpa have the same hair style. I love hearing what is going on with your whole family as well as what you are up to. Love you guys.

Smith Family said...

I just got your comment on my blog and I thought I would send you in the right direction for patterns. Check out Kami is on the front page in the background. This gal is a fantastic designer, everyone of her patterns are a no sew which is great. Plus they are gorgeous. Check it out. Maeve would look awesome in one of her pretty dresses.

Smith Family said...

Here I go again leaving another comment on the same post. You need to post more so taht I can leave comments on other posts. HEHEHEHE!!!! I have the same problem, I have no clue who reads my blog since no one but my friend and Chessica comment. I know my mom reads it because every now and then she will say, "I read on your blog..." Definately give Grandma and Aunt Kristi my blog address. I love knowing what is going on with everyone even when it is through you. Tell them to look at past post because that is where all teh pictures are. I have yet to get them out for new ones. I know shame on me. Also seriously, check out those crochet dresses at the one web site. Though her patterns say intermediate they really are not difficult to do and Maeve would be adorable in them. Plus she has great support if you get stuck. It is such a difference to make an actual outfit to making a scarf/blanket. It is really rewarding.