Tuesday, February 19, 2008


So I went to Rent last night, it was a good musical but it wasn't as good as Wicked. I didn't like the guy that played Roger, he was British and I didn't like the way he sung or acted but other than that it was good. I did it all by myself too, I road the train from Katonah, and I met a friend for dinner, and then I went to the musical, and then I road the subway back to Grand Central Station, and then hoped on the train back to Katonah. I had to ask this man at Grand Central where the Katonah train was and he told me they didn't run after 9 pm and I about died thinking I was stuck in the city until another man laughed and then they told me what track to go to. I had Kelly from my agency call me today, and give me the names and numbers of three girls in my town and the town right next to me that are nannies so that I could have play dates and friends. I'm going to call them tomorrow. Well that is all for now, Love Ya.

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