Monday, February 11, 2008

First New York Adventure...

So I have been having a blast here in New York. I have been here a week and have realized something, I like it here, I love my family that I am working for and I love my little girl I watch, but I don't think that I would ever live here for a long period of time I think a year or a little longer will be the perfect amount.

So this last week a did some fun things, first I went to Long Island with my boss to visit her parents and it is beautiful over there. There are beaches all over and she says that when it gets warmer, we will come to the beaches and play.

Then I had a date on Saturday, it was a blind date. He came and picked me up in Katonah and then we drove back to his house in Queen (about 55 mins away) and we jumped on the subway and road 40 mins. to Manhattan. The subway experience was something I have never done. First of all we were the only white people on the subway, second of all you have to sit really close to everyone and they aren't the cleanest subways, and then there are these people that sell stuff on the subway. They sell candy, bootleg DVD's and everything else, it was really a different experience but it was really fun. After we got off the train we went to Wicked the musical, it was the most fantastic thing I have ever seen. Way better than a movie or book, I LOVED it! We were like 7 rows from the front and it was perfect seating. So here is where my small town upbringing shows, I went into the bathroom at the theature and there was this lady dressed in something that looked like a french maid outfit, and she was directing the traffic in the bathroom telling people where empty stalls were and what time things were starting at and what time the play would be over. And there was hairspray, nylons, lotion and several other things in the bathroom that you could use for free. There was also a tip jar for the lady, I gave her a tip she was really nice, but I have never had that experience before it was kind of funny.

So I went to church last sunday but this sunday I went to a catholic church because the little girl that I nanny for was getting christened so I went to her christening, and it was really interesting but there were only two babies so they said it was a lot faster than most of them go. They had their family come over afterwards, and I just stayed in my room giving them their family time and giving me my T.V. time, I got to watch a new dvd that I had just bought. Well I think that is it for right now, I plan on going to a bunch more broadway shows I love it and I will write about them when I do. I love you all!

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Smith Family said...

Don't worry it won't be long and that small town girl will wear off. I am so excited about your experience. I so wish I had done something like that now. Of course I love my life but think of what you will be able to tell your kids.