Saturday, February 16, 2008

Just another Day

Hey this week was good, I didn't go anywhere really. I ran some errands, and watched my little girl Maeve, she has been really clingy lately, we can't decide if she is teething or getting sick she's never like this and it has just been the last 3 days so we will see. I have the house to myself this weekend my bosses are out of town but I have nothing planned I think I'm going to read and just lounge, do some laundry. I also have Monday off since it is a holiday, so I got a ticket to the muscial Rent and I'm going to that Monday night. I decided to go by myself, because I don't have any friends here yet really. It should be good though! I am going to a different ward for church this weekend, my boss's sister's nanny goes to this ward in West Point, and I'm going to go with here, it should be fun. well I think that is all for now I am going to post some pictures of Tage they are older ones but I never posted any and when I get more I'll post more. Love Ya!

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Smith Family said...

I am so jealous of all the broadway shows that you are getting to go see. I so want to go to at least one in my life. The picture sof Tage are great. I have only seen a few on Shandi's myspace page. She needs to blog. As soon as you settle into a ward you will start to find friends, it always happens that way.