Sunday, March 16, 2014

Starting New...

I am horrible and keeping up with my blog, but I am going to try and stay on top of it more I need to remember all of these memories and be able to look back on them. So, I am going to do a little catching up and try and remember everything I can in the next few post about the last year (well at least the big things that happened to us)
After we had Adelyn's second birthday the next big thing that happened to us was that we went to Casey's family reunion (the Ryan side) which just happened to be in California and we got to go back to Disneyland.
We left of a Friday it was Casey and I, Adelyn and we also took my little brother Bo as a graduation gift. We drove again because its' so much cheaper even though it is a long drive. We spent 6 days in California, we spent a few with Casey's family, his parents and little brother came and we all went to Seaworld which Adelyn loved. Then we went to Disneyland with them too for one day. (we had 3 day park hoppers so we went 3 days but his parents only went one) Adelyn again LOVED Disneyland and still to this day almost a year later asks to go back all the time. She is even saying change to pay for it (she got a couple hundred dollars saved so far)

This is Casey and Adelyn  getting to ride in a car at toontown

Adelyn said that this is HER castle. lol

Adelyn's favorite rides were the carousel, dumbo and the tea cups at Disneyland but there were always long lines, when we went to Seaworld they had Elmo's flying fish and which is just like Dumbo but no line at all so she rode it like 4 times. 

Sea lions at Seaworld

My husband being the goofy man that I love!

Uncle Bo with Adelyn meeting Marty from Madagascar 
We also spent time with Casey's extended family it was nice to see them all, we went and my husband was able to be sealed to his parents and all of his extended family got to see it which was nice. We spent a lot of time at his Aunt Tami's house, we ate dinner there and played games and just got to visit with family. This trip was a little harder on me because I was so pregnant and my feet wanted to swell like balloons every day! It was crazy and super hot since it was in June.
We did have a good time and it was nice to see everyone, we probably won't go to the 2015 reunion (it's on the eastern side of the states) and we just can't afford to go. Maybe the 2017 we will be able to make it again.

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