Friday, April 18, 2014

My Baby girl is 3!!

Adelyn turned 3 on January 27th, I had been asking her for awhile what kind of birthday she wanted. She became obsessed with Frozen the movie and that is what she decided to have her birthday party theme be.
Frozen was not an easy theme to do since it was just a brand new movie, I did finally find some Frozen stuff at the party store in meridian.
Adelyn got a frozen theme dress, crown and jewelry set, a Doc McStuffins and Lamby, a couple fairies, the movie planes, a Brave bow and arrow set and a few other things.
 From Nana and Pops

 Her Aunt Bonnie got her the Frozen dress and tiara and jewelry

 Auntie Dee got her a bow and arrow set 

 Casey and I got her this chair and she loves it, it even has a cup holder. lol

Amelia got her two necklaces one has Ariel on it and the other has Minnie Mouse

I made her a cake because she isn’t a big cake fan anyway and I just put an edible picture on top that was frozen.

Things to know about Adelyn when she turned 3:
·         Her favorite color is pink
·         She will eat almost anything, she loves burgers, and fruit and veggies she also like Panda Express.
·         She has a huge vocabulary for a 3 year old but there are still some cute sayings that she says like si-cee (spicy), hims (his, or he), own-a-mine (my own), too later (for something that will come later whether it be in an hour or weeks). Go-dead (in stead of saying where did sissy go she says where did sissy go-dead I don't know why and I do correct her but she still says it this way.)
·         She LOVES to sing and dance, it doesn’t matter when or where. If she is in the car it is usually super loud, but usually the right words. We have the Frozen soundtrack and we listen to it in the car all the time.
·         She is my big helper and is always willing to help out, although she usually loses interest quickly in whatever she is doing for me.
·         She loves to color, and blow bubbles, and just play outside, she likes to have tea parties
·         She is saving money to go back to Disneyland she has three piggy banks and she tells me half is for a new house with a puppy and the other half is for Disneyland. She has saved $125.00 so far, and any time she sees a coin she runs and picks it up and tells me here mom for my bank.
·         She gives “lovin’s” which is where she comes cheek to cheek with you and then rubs her cheek on yours back and forth. It’s super cute and it doesn’t happen often so it’s nice when it does.
She is a joy to have around and I can’t imagine my life without her, she is such a special little spirit and I can’t wait to see how she will continue to develop and how her personality will grow and change.

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