Friday, April 18, 2014

Christmas 2013

After all of this exciting stuff happening with me having Amelia, the NICU stay, moving and going back to work it was time for Christmas.
Christmas is my favorite time of year, not because of presents but I like the spirit of Christmas. I am not a cold weather fan, especially if I have to drive it in. But I love sweaters, and hot chocolate, I LOVE Christmas music, and I love that most people are super happy and nice. Oh and I love romantic Christmas movies that come on the whole month of December.
One of the really fun things that Adelyn really enjoyed this year was we had an elf come visit and her name was Jingle and she did little pranks and left a gift once. Adelyn loved her and hated to see her go but we told her if she was good she would probably have an elf of her own come to her new house next year. 

Love her face she was so sad to see Jingle leave I told her maybe when we get our own house next year we might have our own elf. 

Since it was Amelia’s first Christmas she didn’t get much from Santa, she got some clothes and toys from everyone but that was about it. Adelyn got some fairies (Tinkerbell ones), and a few board games. She got a Christmas book from Santa. On Christmas Adelyn and Amelia got a Christmas movie and new pajamas. Hers were Hello Kitty and Amelia’s had penguins on them.  Adelyn also got a few movies, and finger nail polish.

Casey and I got Adelyn a Belle Dress for dress up. 

Amelia liked to stare at the Christmas tree lights she loved them

It was a wonderful Christmas, Casey was able to come to my parents and celebrate it with us and it just made it super special. Hopefully next year I can blog that we were in our new house for Christmas.

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