Monday, March 26, 2012

Crazy busy life...

Yes my life recently has been crazy busy. I have been having this shoulder problem that is driving me crazy. It constantly hurts unless I hold it in these crazy positions and sometimes those don't even work. I am getting it checked out in a few days hopefully he can help me fix it.

Then there is the house, this house is going to be the death of me. There is so much painting to do even when I think I am done with a room I go back and it needs touch ups or I missed a spot. Oh and did I mention that I HATE to paint!!! Hate it!! But it will look so much nicer when it is all done, which is really the only thing that is pushing me to get it done. We ( a few girls from work and myself) are having a painting party on the 7th so we should get lot done then I hope. It will be nice to be in the house and decorate it the way I want and be able to call it home.

This last weekend Casey, my cousin Brandi and I went to Portland and so the broadway show Wicked. This is my 3rd time seeing it (I love it!) and it was Casey and Brandi's first. It was fun to watch them enjoy it and we stayed at my other cousins house (Jake) right in downtown Portland and Casey fell in love. It was a nice weekend we had a baby sitter so we were kid free for two whole days. It was nice to just do what we wanted and not have to worry about being back by a certain time or anything. While we were in Portland I went to a second hand kids store and found Adelyn some Nike Shox they are so freaking cute (I would never by my 1 year old Nike shoes if they were brand new, they grow out of them to quickly but second hand I can deal with) I have a picture of them. She looks so grown up with them on. I also found two long skirts for myself I have been trying to find longs skirts recently and couldn't find any. Well I went to Lane Bryant, they were have a clearance sale. If I would have not bought them on clearance I would have had to pay $140.00 for two skirts can you believe that 70.00 per skirt that is ridiculous. But however I paid 13.98 for both skirts. Yep that's right I paid 6.99 per skirt. I love them and can't wait to wear them.

These are Adelyn's Shox

As for my weight loss, I have weighed in and I am getting measured today and I will keep you all posted with how I am doing. I think my big obstacle will be giving up the soda I drink I need to replace it with water, or something more healthy. We will see. cross your fingers for me.

Other than that I can't think of anything new, we are going to see Grandma Mahurin next weekend and maybe take Addi fishing but that is about it.

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