Tuesday, May 31, 2011

4 months

So Adelyn is 4 months old, she got her second round of shots today. She was not happy with momma. She weighs 13lbs 15oz which is in the 50th percentile, and she is in the 70th percentile for height. She can now have cereal, some baby food and they told me to give her half pear juice and half water (which she likes) We don't have another appt til she is 6 months old. She is such a joy to be with everyday, she laughs and smiles at me all the time. She can hold her head up when I put her in the bumbo, and she can hold my fingers and sit up. She likes to stand up on my lap and just move around. She still only rolls from her stomach to her back when she wants to not everytime. We just got back from a short trip to Utah and in less than two weeks we are going to Colorado and then driving with my sister in-law Coree to Kansas to see my in-laws. It should be a fun trip!

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