Monday, March 14, 2011

With the faith of my husband...

So with the help and love of my husband I am going to sell my crafts. Okay let me explain a little, I have been selling my burp rags at a local shop for a little while, but now I am going to get a business license, and sell my burp rags, rag quilts, appliqu├ęd quilts, flowers, and crocheted purses. There is a big craft show in Boise that I am hoping to get a spot at, it is a show that lots of people want to be in so there may not be a space but I emailed the guy today and hopefully I will hear back from him soon. There are also some smaller shows I think i am going to try and go to those also. My husband is the main reason why I am doing this, I mean I love to sew and I like making projects, but I am not sure people will want to really buy them I have had some friends buy stuff from me but we will see if other people like my creations also. I will be buying business cards and stuff, it is scary cause I don't know how well I will be received but I am excited too. I am going to post some pictures of some of my crafts that I will be selling these are two of my rag quilts the first is one I made for Adelyn the other is one I made to sell.

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