Saturday, November 13, 2010

My New Orleans trip.....

So this past week I went to visit Casey in Mississippi and Louisiana, I took 4 days off of work and went to visit before Casey deploys on this next Monday. I flew out on Saturday, and went from Boise to Denver and then Denver to New Orleans. I then picked up a rental car in New Orleans and drove about 2 hours to Hattiesburg Mississippi to pick Casey up. We stayed one night in Hattiesburg got up the next day and drove to New Orleans. We walked around the French Quarters, and just kind of relaxed that day. While we were in New Orleans we went to the zoo, aquarium (where we got to pet sting rays), went out to a lot of great food places including The house of Blues. We went on a carriage rid which I loved it was at night, and we were the only ones in the carriage, and we had bought benigets at Cafe de Monde before we got on the carriage. We also just relaxed and enjoyed each others company. We will hopefully get to see each other again in Three months when Adelyn is born, Casey is trying to get leave so he can be home for the birth. While I was in New Orleans I had bought a book at the hallmark store that lets you record the book in your own voice, I had Casey record the story for Adelyn (it is so sweet I LOVE it!) I do have a few pictures but as you all know Casey and I don't take many pictures ever. :)

This was the night we went to The House of Blues, we had a really good time. 

My husband being silly like always. 
I had to take a picture of my handsome husband, I love him in that color!
We were heading to the mall and snapped a picture

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