Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Big Prego Belly....

So Casey is finally in Kuwait, he says that it is dirty there. He will be there til after Thanksgiving, I got him an external hard drive so that he can watch movies on his computer in Iraq, and when he got to Kuwait he plugged it in and it didn't work. So he is going to send it back to me and I'm gonna try and return it and get a different one. I have got to talk to him twice, the second time we got cut off and didn't get to say good bye. Hopefully we'll get to talk again soon. I do miss him so much, we could text atleast when he was in Mississippi, and now we can't and it makes a big difference. :( 

I am now at my 28th week, I am getting big. I took my glucose tolerance test today and I didn't pass it so now I have to do a three hour one tomorrow. If I don't pass it tomorrow I have gestational diabetes, and I will have to take insulin and test my blood sugars all the time, I hope everything goes fine tomorrow. Here are some recent pictures of my belly. :)

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