Thursday, January 7, 2010

Our first accident...

Today we had our first big accident with Tage. My mom called me at work and said they were heading my way because Tage was at daycare, he was dancing in the kitchen and he has new shoes, and he caught the toe of his shoe (they have really good traction on the soles that goes up on the toe which is what happened the traction caught) and he fell, hit his head on the cupboard corner and split his head open. My mom called cause I had his spare car seat in my car, and shandi was at work and had the other carseat so she ended up calling the bishop's wife and borrowed one from her to bring Tage in. He did really good for most of it, (he did a good job on splitting his forehead open) they numbed it and then laid him back and put a cover over his face to protect the steril field and he FREAKED out, he didn't like his face to be cover where he couldn't see MaGa and Auntie J. So I took some pictures to show his mom and to post on here, again they aren't the best quality cause they were with my phone camera but you can see that the slit is pretty big. I put borders around the pictures to make them less gross, for you people with weak stomach. :) love to all.

The next one is after he got stitches, they put 6 stitches in and put butterfly stitches on top so it would be a little covered.

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Smith Family said...

In that last picture I can see the resmblance to the family. He almost for a split second reminded me of Chad and then Braidey. Must be some pretty strong genes in this family. Glad he did so well. Hope he heals quickly and isn't too much of a handful while it still hurts.