Sunday, September 21, 2008

Philadephia here I come....

So this is my last post before my mission. I am entering the MTC on Wednesday the 24th. However my mom is going to keep my postings going, so the posts for the next year and a half are not me they are my mom I am just telling her what to say. So I haven't been doing a whole lot other than working and getting ready. Infact I have not even packed anything yet, it is all set aside but nothing is packed. Maybe a mission will help me not to procrastinate, ha ha we will see. So other than that there is nothing really going on. But I did promise pictures so here are a whole bunch, and I will explain as I go.

So our family went to the open house of the Twin Falls temple, and I had a new camera and so I was taking pictures of Tage in the car because he kept quite that way.

This is my mom and I at the Twin Falls Temple.

This is just a picture of Tager Bug, he was playing naked on the floor.

So my mom and I went and took some pictures before I went on my mission and here are two of the pictures that we took. We might take more on Monday but I doubt if I will get them on here.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome home. Sorry I haven't called but I have been super busy. Life is great. I hope your knee makes a swift recovery so you can return to your mission quickly! Call anytime. I love ya tons! Bonnie