Tuesday, June 10, 2008


So there really isn't anything new going on with me. I worked at my grandpa's store last week and I am working there the next two weeks also. I'm still sewing outfits for the trek I haven't worked on them very much because I have been busy so all I've gotten done are the three aprons. Yeah I know I have a LONG way to go. Well other than that I have just been filling out job aplications, I have gotten two job offers but they are just PRN (as needed) they are phlebotomy jobs though which is good cause I really want to get back into that. They are both traveling jobs, you have to travel to different cities and do clinics for them which you just draw blood, check the persons blood pressure and that's it. So it's not hard, they pay really well, and they pay you for your mileage, and they pay you for the hours you spend driving in the car. So, I told them I would take both jobs, and I am sending in all the paper work tomorrow which means that I am going to Idaho Falls next tuesday night because the one company has a clinic there early thursday morning and I am working that.

I went to my brother's baseball game tonight, they are in tournement, and he lost 23-13 and he got hit in the head with the ball so he has this big egg on his head.

I know I haven't posted any pictures lately, but I can't find my camera cord to download them it must be packed but I will find it and start posting pictures again.

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Smith Family said...

Congratulations on the jobs, what is that going to do for you moving to California, or is that out for now? Sory to hear about bo and his head. That must of hurt to get nailed that hard. Also get sewing on the outfits it won't be long and it will be time to go on the trek and it won't be pretty if you or someone else has to go naked.