Sunday, December 19, 2010

A little Pre Christmas update...

So I have just been busy working and trying to get the Christmas shopping done. Casey has been in Iraq for almost a month now, we get to talk every once in awhile we don't get to skype very much but we do get to talk more than I thought we would so that is a good thing. 

I am now 32 weeks pregnant it has seemed to fly by. My pregnancy with a little hitch here and there, it has been a great. I have been lucky, I think it is God's way of making it a little easier with Casey being gone. 
This one is of me with my hair all done and everything
This one is me in my pajamas and no make up and my hair not done but it is a tight shirt so it gives you a good sense of how big my belly really is. :)

So this week is Christmas, and the next is my Birthday, the next is my baby shower and the next is my maternity pictures so I will have quite a bit to blog about in the next few weeks. And after the next 4 weeks I will only have 4 weeks until Adelyn gets here, and Casey will be here. I can't tell which one I am more excited about. 
This is our Christmas tree this year, isn't it cute! And the snow man on the left I got from my work Christmas party. 

So my sister in law Coree made my little Adelyn a cute little flapper hat, I love it! Well I think that is it for now I will write again soon!

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