Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wedding, finally.....

So I know that you probably have been wondering if I have fallen off the face of the Earth, we'll I didn't we have just been busy. Well we got married on Sept 26th 2009, and it was a great day. I got my hair done early in the morning, and then we went and took pictures in Boise, came back and got married and then had a reception. It was all so beautiful, it was how I had imagined it. Then we spent one night in Boise and then moved to Arizona. We have been living the past two months in Mesa Arizona, I was working at a hospital in Chandler. But we are now back in Idaho, Casey's job fell through so we moved back, and are living with my parents for the moment, we have only been back in Idaho for a week. I am working at the hospital here on-call, and Casey is looking for a job, and he is trying to figure out all of his national guard stuff. That's about all that has been happening, Casey is wanting to go to school in the spring, so we are working on putting in his application to be accepted to BSU. But here are some pictures from our wedding. Hope you all enjoy them.I could only get one to load I'll try again later.

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