Sunday, July 5, 2009

Busy busy busy....

I just been busy with work and wedding stuff latley that I haven't had the time to write on here. I've also been busy traveling a little, like I said in my last post I went to my Uncle Clint and Aunt Connie's house for a week, then I have been to Grace, Idaho for my cousin home coming. He came back from his mission in Uraguay. This next week, my mom, Bo, and I are flying to Disneyland for the weekend. I have a really good friend that lives close to Disneyland so she's picking us up at the airport on friday and then were going to Disneyland on Saturday. I took Wendi two years ago in July and we had a good time, Bo is the only one that hasn't been (when he can remember I think we took him when he was two or something like that) but he raised his own money to pay for his plane ticket and I got a killer deal on park hopper tickets, so it should be a good vacation. And for those of you who don't know, my mom grew up around that part of California, and she hasn't been back in awhile, I going to see if we have some time on friday if we can go visit the Redlands temple, she's never seen it and I know that she would love to.

After that vacation, I work for about 4 days and have a few off and then work like 3 days and then I am off for Colorado. My work schedule has been all screwy cause one of the girls took vacation and no one could/would cover her shifts so I took 5 days for her which makes me work 8 days in a row now, have 3 off work 4 have 2 off work 3 and then I have 8 off. Which is a big difference than my 7 on 7 0ff that I usually have. Well the reason I am going to Colorado, is becase Casey's family is having a family reunion down there, and his dad is recieving his endowments, and they are getting sealed as a family in the Denver temple. So I am going there for that fabulous occasion. I am staying with Casey's older sister Coree which should be a ton of fun, I love her, we get along so well and have so many similar things in common. And she has a daughter named Zoe that is 5 and I absolutely adore her, she is so cute. So it should be a fun vacation. I'm going there on the 22nd and I am flying back on the 27th and Casey is flying back with me. He is coming to Idaho to load all of my stuff in a big Uhaul trailer, and drive it to Arizona for me. :) Isn't he sweet. I was going to go with him so that I could put the stuff in the house we are renting and decorate and everything, but he said he can do it without me, which will save on a plane ticket back for me. It makes me a little nervous to let him unload everything when I'm not there, I'm a little meticulous about my decorating and stuff but he knows that so he said he won't hang anything or do anything like that til I move there in September. :) So since he is doing this in July, that means that when he comes to Idaho for the wedding we can drive back in the same car, and he'll drive. I think this was all part of his plan because he knows that I hate to drive (especially by myself) and if he wouldn't take my stuff in July he would do it in Sept. and I would follow him in my car. And he knows that driving long distances kills my bad hip so if I am the passanger I can move around and twist and turn so that it doesn't hurt me where as if I drive I have to stop every couple hours to get out stretch move around and stuff like that, and when you have a 20 hour trip the stopping every few hours gets annoying and makes the trip sooooo much longer. So I appreciate him being willing to drive to arizona all by himself to save me the pain and driving by myself. Well I think that is about it for now, I will try and keep you posted when new stuff happens, and I will post some Disneyland pictures hopefully.

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