Saturday, April 25, 2009

Catching up...

I know that I should keep my blog more recent but I have been supre busy with work, and I just don't think my life is that interesting but I do have some news that I thought that I would share.
I have been working a ton lately, I worked 6 days then had two off, my mom and I went to Idaho falls during those two days to visit my friend and her baby. Then I work another 6 days had 3 days off and now I am in the middle of working 8 days straight, so I have been working a ton! But I love my job, so I don't mind much. We finally got out new schedule, I now work the 3am to 130pm shift for 7 days straight and then I have 7 days off. Which means I can maybe go visit some family on those off weeks, I haven't been to my one uncles house in years, and I keep saying I'm going to go. One of these days I'm just gonna pack up and say Uncle Clint I'm on my way. I do like my new shift, it means I have to be up at 2am to be to work on time which is way earlier than I have ever wanted to get up for work. I am not a morning person, but I have found that I kind of like mornings, I feel more awake during the day when I work mornings than when I work night shift. And I get to sleep in on the weekend that I work til 430am which let me tell you 2 1/2 extra hours is great!

I am going to Missouri next Thursday and coming home on Saturday. My boyfriend is graduating from the National guard so I am meeting his family there and going to his graduation, it is a surprise he doesn't know I am coming it is my birthday present to him. I will have to take pictures and post them later, I haven't used my camera much, but he sent me a picture of him and his niece before he went to boot camp so I will post that below. His name is Casey Unruh, we have dated off and on, and have known each other for 5 years. He lives in Arizona, but we've talked about him moving to Idaho this summer. So we will see.

Tage is growing like a weed. He is talking way more, which is hilarious. You can ask him "what does a chicken say?" and he'll make the noise and he knows about 12 animals if you ask him like that. And then he has two new words that he says and I love them. He learned to say Zorro, (zorro is his dad's cat) and he learned to say spider (which comes out shider) I giggle everytime he says it.

Easter was good, I had to work and Tage was at his dad's for most of the day, but he came home and hunted for easter eggs in the house. We just use the plastic ones with candy in them. He would scoot around pick up and egg open it, take the candy and chuck it across the room and then play with the empty egg. He did that with every egg there was candy everywhere.

Bo went hunting for turkey and go a big one, the beard was 9 7/8 long, which is bigger than my grandpa's was so he had to rub that in just a little.

The weather has been kind of nice here lately, it is a little chilly in the mornings, but by afternoon it has warmed up a little I think todays high is suppose to be like 63 or something. But it's not snowing and I don't need a coat just a jacket so I am happy.

I am still selling stuff for my grandpa on craigslist, it has slowed down but that's okay. We are having his 70th Birthday party tonight as soon as I get off work I am headed there. I can't think of anything else really to say. Oh I painted my bathroom, it was a mint green color (my grandma use to have that bathroom) and I changed it to a tanish brown color. Which matches really well with the counter top, it is a marbled tan/brown.

So that is how interesting my life is as of right now, it's busy but fun.

Tage with Zorro

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Anonymous said...

Uncle Clint and Aunt Connie say "Come on over. We are ready." Yep, we had Jared, our secretary of defense, ready the house for you.

We would love to have you. And if you are especially good, we may even let you hold Kira. She's three months old and loves to be held.