Saturday, February 7, 2009

Back at work

So I went back to work on Thursday only expecting to work Thurs, and Fri, but I worked today also and I work tomorrow which is fantastic because I could use the money. I am not only drawing blood, but I am also a sitter. I sit with people that are at risk to fall, or people that are not mentally stable. I sat today and yesterday with a girl that is "a cutter" so I just had to make sure that she didn't get anything to hurt herself with. But I am so glad to be back to work a feel productive again. I am however getting in some good reading, when I sit that is about all I can do. I read a book and a half between yesterday and today.

I thought that I would tell you about a CD that I discovered on my mission that is a fabulous one for either Sunday listening, or everyday listening. Some people only listen to church music on Sunday so that is why I say it is good because us as missionaries could listen to it. Its called
Joseph: A Nashville Tribute to the Prophet: it is the testimony and spiritual witness of some of Nashville’s finest and most successful musicians about the life and mission of Joseph Smith Jr. It is an album dedicated to those who experienced the humble beginning and subsequent rising of a restored religion.

I really enjoy it, and I hope that you all get to listen to it too. It is really a good CD. Well all is well here and I hope all is well with your families. Love Ya

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