Sunday, May 11, 2014

Easter 2014

       This was Amelia's first Easter, she obviously didn't know what was going on but she did enjoy watching all the kids at the park finding all the eggs. On the Saturday before Easter there was an Easter egg hunt at the park in New Plymouth, so we took Tage, Adelyn and Amelia to go find eggs. My little sister Wendi came also and she brought her roommates little girl too, all the kids had a good time they found a ton of eggs and it was pretty good weather for it all. I had to work that day and on Easter Sunday so I didn't get to spend a bunch of time with the girls but we did get to do the hunt on Saturday and our own little hunt on Sunday.

The girls get a little basket on Easter with a few little trinkets and this year Adelyn got a pirate fairy doll and Amelia got a little octopus and an outfit. After our little hunt I went to work and my mom took the girls to church. Casey wasn't able to  make it from Washington this year to be here for Easter but I sent him pictures and the girls and we got to call him so they were okay with it I guess. But here are some pictures of the girls having fun.

 My Sweet girls, Amelia was so excited to sit in the front of our new stroller, she looks like such a big girl. makes me a little sad to see them growing up so fast. 

 This is Adelyn and Isabel (Wendi's roommates daughter)

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