Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Christmas in our new house

This past Christmas was the first Christmas we spent in our new house. The night before Christmas Casey put a light in the middle of our ceiling, we hadn't had one the whole time we had lived there but I wanted to make sure that we had some good lighting for Christmas pictures. We didn't have anything really planned for Christmas other than to get up and open presents that was the extent of our planning this year.

The past couple years we have usually gone some where close to Christmas to see family but this year we decided to stay at home and just hang out Casey, Adelyn, and I. We had gotten a real Christmas tree this year too, I haven't had a real Christmas tree in years. My parents had went to a fake one years ago, and when I was single and lived by myself I always just had a small fake one. The one we got this year was huge, it looked a lot smaller when it was out in the lot than it did once we got it into our house. Casey had to cut some of the bottom off for it to even fit in our house. I have a few pictures to post but not a lot. :)

 We went to our Church Christmas Breakfast and Adelyn got to sit on Santas lap she was actually a good sport about it, last year we weren't really sure if we liked him or not.

 This is our huge tree and Adelyn's presents that she got. 

 Adelyn opening her stocking showing Daddy that she got M&M's and a necklace with and A on it. 

 My kid loves gingers, her two favorite princesses are Ariel and Merida and if you give her all the princesses those are the two she will pick out every time. 

 Uncle Bo gave Addi this huge monkey and she loves it. It sits on her bed right now, and it is the same size as she is.

 Addi got a fisher price princess castle from Santa and Nana and Pops gave her the princesses to go with it.

 This is her Ariel doll that she got from Maga and Papa she drags this doll everywhere. 

 Adelyn got a stroller too. In this picture you can see she is wearing her Necklace out of her stocking and is pushing her new Ariel doll in her stroller. lol she ran that thing all over the house all day Christmas day.

This is the fisher price princess Castle that she got, when you put a princess on certain areas they sing or say their names and stuff. She loves that it talks and sounds like them. Can you tell by the look on her face. 

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